Isaac Mullins Yoga

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

Yoga teacher/Wim Hof Instructor



The thing that is truly remarkable about the way Isaac teaches is how intuitive he is. He leads you through beautifully curated sequences so you body feels like it is going on a journey. As you move you can feel your conscious thoughts falling away until your mind returns to its rightful place as just another part of the animal which is your physical body.

Isaac draws you towards the edge of your strength and supports you with his presence whilst you stand there, on one leg, contorted into shapes your body never even considered. In the split second before you think you have to give up, Isaac moves you somewhere new. He preempts your limits, keeping you feeling totally safe in physically and emotionally challenging places, right at the border of your capability. He helps you to teach yourself that you are more than you thought you were. You are stronger than you imagined.
— Rachel Ferrari-Senior Business Manager

I began practicing Yoga in 1997, initially to complement my career as a dancer with companies including the English National ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Spanish National Ballet. At 23 my desire to pursue yoga overtook my desire to dance, prompting me to train as a teacher. I have been blessed to have travelled extensively in India, studying many styles including Ashtanga, Sivananda, Iyengar and Traditional Hatha, learning from many great teachers including Richard Freeman, David Svenson, Liz Lark, Padma Nair, Vinay Kumar, Wim Hof, Yogacharya Venkatesha, Acharye Hema, and many more. I would also like to acknowledge the influence in my life of spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi, the plant medicines, and most of all; the animals and plants of the natural world…including the human animal!

Isaac’s teaching is consistently clear, compassionate and encouraging - it has completely transformed my yoga practice. His classes are grounded in astute observation, detailed demonstration and meaningful adjustments. Isaac carefully directs your awareness to appreciate the purpose and benefit of each asana. His expertise helps you build a powerful connection between breathing and movement. He advocates intensity in your practice in a down to earth way and he regularly highlights the inherent intelligence of the body.

Isaac is 100% approachable and genuinely inspiring with his great knowledge and experience. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
— Miguel Graham, entrepreneur and business leader

Other qualifications and skills include:

Certified Yoga Therapist

Certification as a Wim Hof instructor

Graduate of SOAS university with a first class honours in The Study of Religion

Graduate of Cornell University in plant-based nutrition

Certified by the British wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance.